What We Do

CHC provides the family to family sponsorship program which supports our needy brethren who live below the poverty line and is currently $60 per month per family.

What We Do

Coptic Hope Charity serves the less fortunate and underprivileged. Many Christians in Egypt live in remote villages and constitute only a small segment of their communities. Through the work of Coptic Hope Charity, we can assist to meet the basic needs of Copts in these areas.

We strive to aid those who are too elderly or ill. We aim to raise spiritual and intellectual health as well as raising economic circumstances in disadvantaged communities. We aim to provide basic housing needs, healthcare services and health awareness.

Our Programs

Family-to-family Sponsorship

Coptic Hope Charity provides financial funding directly to needy Christian families in Egypt.

Through direct family-to-family sponsorships of $60 a month (about 350 Egyptian pounds), these families are provided with the financial support necessary to pay for basic life essentials, such as food, shelter and clothing.

With this support, these families are able to break the poverty cycle and provide their families with hope for a better future for themselves and their children.

In addition to enabling these families to live happy, healthy and righteous lives sponsors receive a profile of the family and regular newsletters. However, to protect the privacy and dignity of these families, no surnames or images of the family are shared.

At the end of each year, the sponsoring families receive a report about the Egyptian families they are supporting.

Special Needs Funding

This is an extra donation system to support families in Egypt who face an urgent need for funding, such as in sickness, housing difficulties, wedding assistance or education scholarships.

Direct Donation

To send money to a particular clergy member, church, orphanage or monastery in Egypt, a direct donation can be organised through the Coptic Hope Charity (10% of the proceeds will go to other Coptic Hope Charity Programs).

Emergency Appeals

During times of disasters, special appeals will be established to raise the necessary funds to assist those most in need.