Improving Lives, Providing Basics 

With hope, there’s future
Improving lives by providing basics

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Coptic Hope Charity

Coptic Hope Charity exists to improve the lives of the underprivileged by providing basic needs to those who are financially and physically disadvantaged. We aim to strengthen spiritual and educational standards and raise the economic conditions in communities who live below the poverty line. We also provide basic housing needs, essential healthcare services and assist community projects to encourage self sufficiency.

What We Do

CHC provides assistance via a number of programmes.

We have the family to family sponsorship program which supports our needy brethren who live below the poverty line.  We are currently supporting over 500 families across Egypt.  We also support family schooling, tertiary education marriages and medical expenses.


We provide a Special Need (SN) program which aids individual cases of hardship.  We provide assistance to the underprivileged in Australia, Sudan, New Zealand and Fiji.


Finally our Emergency Relief programme which raises money in times of emergency or unprecedented events when money is needed quickly. 

St Abraam, Patron Saint of the Poor

In 1829 (1545 Coptic) in the village of Calad in Egypt, Paul Gabriel was born. His Christian parents sent him to a nearby Christian school, sadly when he was only eight, his mother died.